GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia

Photography & Videography

Candid shots at the dinner. The smile on their faces. Let’s capture those wonderful moments at your corporate event or wedding with our event photography and videography service.Our high-quality photos and videos will be handled by professionals, so you just need to focus on the most important thing: enjoying your event.

Professional expertise

Your photos and videos will be handled by the experts

Premium quality

Photos to document the best of your event

Personalised story

Let our experts express your story through photo slideshows and video highlights
GNG Studiobooth Wedding Coordinator Malaysia

Wedding Day Coordination

Don’t fret the small stuff. After all, you two are the stars of the show. Making sure your wedding runs like clockwork is no easy job, and we would like to keep you focused (and sane) with our wedding day coordination service.

Think of us as your over own wedding day ninja! We come in few weeks or months before to handle logistics and execute all the hard work you have planned as your wedding day approaches.

Our event heroes will:
Before the wedding day (Reception)
  • A full scheduling consult 1 month prior to wedding date
  • Custom wedding planning checklist/schedule/itinerary
  • Vendor management and communication
  • Provide timeline of scheduled wedding events
  • Site recce of wedding venue
On the wedding day (Reception)
  • Oversee events of the day including problem-solving, directing setup, and communicating with staff
  • 1 wedding coordinator & 1 assistant on your wedding day
  • Location setup & coordination of vendors
  • Rehearsal management with sound check & lighting
  • Guest coordination & assistance
  • Provide briefings on event layout and programme
  • Anticipate and plan for possible different scenarios
  • Provide alcohol management during event
GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia

Wedding Stationery

Make a statement with your wedding invitation or table place card. We make sure our wedding stationery design is in line with your theme and vision, so your big day looks gorgeous down to the smallest detail.

GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia

Bridal Bouquet

The perfect bridal bouquet adds a hint of enchantment, and complements the bride’s outfit. Our artisanal bridal bouquets are designed with an eye for style, and an appreciation of what says best about you.

GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia

Sound & Light

The sound and light system in your hall can make or break the event, whether you are holding a black tie corporate event, a wedding, or a private family event. We provide quality rental solutions so you can enjoy a glitch-free, seamless experience.

GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia

Live Band

Romantic or groovy. Contemporary or classic. Jazz or jams. Music changes the mood and enhances the atmosphere. Tell us what you love and we will assign a music live band that caters exclusively to your theme.

GNG Studiobooth Wedding Planner Malaysia


The right emcee knows how to interact with the crowd, keep track of time, get people excited, and make sure everything runs smoothly. We work with talented emcees who can captivate an audience for your wedding, anniversaries or product launches.