Impressive StudioBooth Set Up
Portable Studio
Selection of Backdrops
Building a studio booth with originative background and decoration is part of GNG Studiobooth’s concepts. Besides matching the theme, you can also include the event message that you want to deliver. You can have GNG Studiobooth everywhere! No need to worry about the size, the team will adjust to accommodate and adapt it in your venue. Providing more than 20 colors and backgrounds that you and your guests can choose for their photographs. From solid colors to some amazing prints, your partygoers will enjoy reacting to the different surroundings and capturing all the fun.
Professional Studio Equipment
Experienced Photographer & Team
You can’t make stunning studio booth photos without great lighting. Professional studio lighting that applies by GNG team creates flattering portraits of you and your guests which will be cherished in a long run. The experienced photographers and expert creative team have what it takes to bring your event to the next level of creativity and FUN! No matter what the occasion: dinner, party, conference, wedding or graduation, are within their grasp.
Awesome Props
Custom Photo Layout
Every GNG Studiobooth rental comes fully equipped with customised props at no extra cost. And provide it based on the event theme in order allow you and your guests enjoy and get creative together. Just voice out if you have something creative in mind that you would like it to be materialised! You know your event very well. If you have an idea, let the team knows and they will work their tails off to create the most inimitable photo layout design purposely exclusively for your event!


Unlimited High Quality Photos
On The Spot Editing
The more the merrier is what people always say. There’s no limitation for the photos, so you and your guests to enjoy Studiobooth over and over again! The whole printing process can be done in just 19 seconds. GNG creative team does editing instantly. Just right after you finished your lovely shots; the team will do the editing for you – to make sure everyone will be ridiculously good looking. See GNG Portrait to find out more. Nowadays it’s all about social media sharing. Just a touch of your finger, you can share your taken photos instantly and spread the happiness on the social media platform. Always remember, sharing is caring!