Frequently Asked Questions



1) How much space does it take up?

The ideal space is 10ft x 10ft, this is to allow enough space for the backdrop, printing station, props table and enough depth to allow guests to easily move in and out.However, the set up can scale down to as small as 6ft × 8ft if needed. We have done events in smaller spaces, so if you have a concern about a particular space, let us know. It is preferable to operate in spaces with a 10ft height clearance, to accommodate our studio lighting, but we can fit into a space as low as 7ft.

2) How long does it take to set up and dismantle?

The photo booth takes 1.5 hours to set up and this will be set up prior to your requested start time unless otherwise agreed upon. For dismantle, we just need 45 minutes to clear everything.

3) Do you provide backdrops?

Yes, we have a variety of backdrops – plain, velvet, glitter, etc. Tell us about your theme and we’ll be sure to recommend some options. We can also create custom backdrops and help design sets.

4) Do you provide lighting?

Yes, we will bring studio lighting equipment and apply it accordingly. Lighting will affect the photo outcome and you can’t capture stunning studiobooth photos without great lighting.

5) Does the photo booth come with props?

Yes, absolutely. Every GNG Studiobooth rental comes fully equipped with customised props at no extra cost. The team provides it based on the event theme in order allow you and your guests enjoy and get creative together. Just voice out if you have something creative in mind that you would like it to be materialised!

6) How many people can I get in the booth?

It all depends on what service you choose and what backdrop size you have. The current record of biggest group photo is 51 people!

7) How long should I rent the photo booth for?

The ideal duration is 3 hours. However, it depends on your program and number of guests too.

8) How much is the customised setup?

We customise the setup based on your requirements and budget, so each customised setup is uniquely designed to tailor to your event.



1) Can the photos be branded with my company logo or event details?

Yes. Adding company logo, event title or design elements from invitation card, it’s all under your control. Let us know your idea and we will work our tails off to create the most inimitable photo layout design purposely exclusively for your event!

2) Is there a limit to NUMBER of photos and prints?

NOPE! There’s no limit to the number of photos and prints, so you and your guests to enjoy studiobooth over and over again and we make sure that every guest gets a copy! For example, if there’s a group photo of 5 persons, we will print 5 copies. Our current printing record is 1748 photos within 4 hours!

3) What are the printout sizes?

We have photo strip (2” x 6”), perforated photo (3” x 4”), 4R (4” x 6”), 5R (5” x 7”), 6R (6” x 8”) and 8R (8” x 12”). It depends on the service you choose and you are allowed to upgrade to other photo sizes (additional charges will be applied).

4) How fast do the photos print out?

After a photo session is over, the printer will start printing immediately. It only takes 19 seconds to print your taken photo together with photo layout design that will last for lifetime.

5) How is the photo quality?

We are using the photo printer and photo paper that imported from Japan. So we promise to provide you with highest quality photos that are clear and vibrant with natural tones. All printouts are anti-fingerprint and waterproof which can protect it for a lifetime.

6) Will the photo fade over time?

There is never a guarantee for this; however the quality printer and paper that we use lessen the possibility. The printouts are fade resistant and it can last for years under proper conditions.

7) Will I receive all the soft copies after EVENT?

Yes. We will need at least 3 working days to do minor editing on all taken photos after your event. After that you will receive the DVD with all soft copies via courier service.

8) More Questions?

Call or email us for FREE consultation or schedule a meet up! We are happy to meet with you to discuss package info and show you sample photos.